Writing Even Better Lyrics: A follow-up

Here’s a great follow up to our last blog post on how to write great lyrics. In his latest blog post on writing lyrics,  How to Write Lyrics: Level 2, the author presents advanced techniques and advice on improving your lyrics after you’ve worked through the basics. In addition, I wanted to add my own thoughts on getting stuck, collaboration, and the value of getting feedback:

Getting stuck sucks! But it will happen. You just can’t force good writing so when you get stuck, take a break.  You’ll get inspiration for lyrics when you are out doing other things. Just be sure to write your ideas down!  Come back to it later and you’ll have a fresh perspective. In my experience, taking a break and coming back to write new lyrics or revise existing lyrics has always been beneficial.

 Try collaborating. More often than not, I find the collaboration process to be very rewarding and typically end up some pretty good lyrics. It’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to fill in the holes when you get stuck. It may take time to find someone with whom you have good lyric writing chemistry but you should give it a try.

Ask for feedback. While your lyrics are uniquely yours and are often based on your own experiences, they may not always make sense to the casual listener. Ask for feedback from friends and family and then take it for what it’s worth; you don’t have use any of it if you don’t want. I’ve had great success incorporating advice and feedback from others into my lyrics.


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