What is Strum by Strum?

The mission of Strum by Strum is to set a new standard in music resources so that students, teachers, songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists of all levels can learn, create, and collaborate with greater ease and more freedom.

Development of the Idea

Over the course of 10 years, Parker had taught hundreds of students. An important issue he continually saw them struggle with had nothing to do with their ability. The resources for learning guitar, both on the internet and in published form, were generally of poor quality. He saw material that was incomplete, contradictory, overly-complex, too specialized, non-standard, even dead wrong in some cases!

In order to address the issue, Parker designed a way to present songs on paper that was complete, easy to read, and consistent across all songs. After sharing these ‘charts’ with Michael and Neil, the three established Strum By Strum Music, LLC and began the task of moving from paper form to the digital sphere. Their goal is to provide students, teachers, and performers with information they can trust, coupled with easy-to-use tools to assist them with their musical goals.


Who We Are

S Parker Goubert

Parker Goubert

Parker Goubert

Parker is an experienced musician who has been playing guitar since the age of 10 and teaching since the age of 16. His love for the guitar eventually led him to music school, where he studied music theory and composition. Throughout that time he has been lucky enough to play guitar in rock bands, classical ensembles, and even music theater!

His teaching career has included one-on-one lessons with students ranging in age from 6-65 and classes at the elementary, middle school, and college level. He loves the guitar more than ever and continues to write, record, perform, and teach to this day.


Michael Sirrine

Michael Sirrine

Michael Sirrine

Michael Sirrine is from Parker, Colorado and has many years of percussion experience in jazz, orchestras, musical theater, and other personal bands. He also participated in choral groups in high school and college. By day, Michael does quality improvement and data analysis for a healthcare company. He primarily does the financial management and data analysis for Strum by Strum.

Neil Poulin

Neil Poulin

Neil Poulin

Neil is a web developer that works for the Denver start-up Craftsy. After growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Neil studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. Post-graduation, he eventually made his way into web development and music. He plays guitar and a bit of mandolin and bass.



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