lyric writing


I wanted to share this great blog post I found on lyric writing. Whether you are in the precontemplation stage of lyric writing or a self-proclaimed lyrical master, this post contains great information that can help you get started writing lyrics or hone your existing skills.

Work the MIC: How to Write Lyrics: The Basics

To me, great lyrics are an art form, a perfect blend of style, technique, rhyming, and metaphor. Great lyrics allow for a unique interpretation by each individual to hear them. I’ve spent many fond hours with friends discussing and debating our individual interpretations of lyrics to our favorite songs.

This blog post describes some of the characteristics of good lyrics and then outlines the process of lyric writing as well practical tips on technique and style. Personally, my success with lyric writing has been mixed and I intend to employ the useful tips in this article in my writing process. I hope you find this article interesting and that it helps you in your own lyric writing endeavors.